Sunday, November 30, 2008

Is our Hon. President in a long sleep?

Since the terror attack in Mumbai we Indians have been dieing and having sleepless nights.With eyes set on TV we could never see for even a single moment nor could we hear a single statement from our over simple President.

Neither in a capacity of President nor personal.Even most unconcerned have reacted on deaths of innocents.Has she lost the sensitivity even as an individual?

Needless is to repeat the public reactions which is being felt by the people and rightly expressed through media,but one can not stop pointing out that after wasting four and half years,mere replacement of its ministers and officers is not going to be enough face saving for the Govt of India.Attacks during its tenure and persistent insensitivity towards it by its machinery manifest the story in itself.

Alas, Govt has only a few months to live only to recount its successes and failures to strategiese for coming elections.
We must not forget that we die, but Civilisation lives. We die but India lives.
And Country is above very one.

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