Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Prof.Amartya Sen on Quota Question

I would write a systematic account shortly but seeing the gravity of situation due to a possible misinterpretation this note is being published in urgency.
First of all,I have encountered reporting error or if we trust on the inverted quote to be literally correct, then the origin of the news it self.
Every news paper reported,"In Sanskrit, there are many words equivalent to justice. The two important words are 'nidhi' and 'nyaya'. The former is about institutions and their rules of behaviour while the later is about realisation of the benefits," except only the Times of India which writes,"Sen advocated an approach to problems based on `nyaya' rather than `neethi', distinguishing the two terms for justice by describing `neethi' as a mere set of rules and `nyaya' as the fair outcome and realisation of the benefits of law."The latter is , however, correct.
Prof. Amartya Sen, an advocate of Justice and fairness, can suggest that reservations are welcome, but has skipped the fundamental grounds on which it ought to be decided.
Nyaaya, ie. Justice, of Sanskrit refers to the very basis of neethi, ie, policy, or what Prof Sen calls, mere set of rules as stated above. Now the question is ,if one is bold enough to follow the path of nyaaya, will eventually lead to the justifiable neethi, ie, policy. And that is what the idealist’s view.
Almost all the news papers have quoted Prof. Sen as he has seconded the cast or religion based reservations in IIT or any where, which I think, is a misinterpretation or misquoting of an authority.
Prof. Sen refers to deprived people below the so called creamy layer. And when viewed in this I think his stand will be clear and justifiable. Unfortunately, no news paper has reported this clarification.
To my surprise, editors of all most all the news papers, except one, have broad casted a wrong signals as if Prof. Sen has seconded the quota based on cast and religion.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dear Mr. Human Rights Agent

Last night there was a TV discussion programme on the possible actions India could take on terrorism. Ruling, opposition party representatives were busy with mutual allegations and dog biting each other, there were also a retired army chief and one Mr. Human Rights contractor.Names are being ignored for the fact that all of the participants expressed very clearly the traits of their breed.

What politicians said and could say is well known to all, from the media and live telecasts of Parliamentary proceedings.They, sticking to their well decided electoral canvass have, so far been busy with various vote bank calculations, but it appears for the first time, as I already noted in my earlier blog after Mumbai attack,that people are awaken and they have started realising their rights and above that their powers of being able to whip these political creatures.More importantly,and equally truly, politicians have started feeling the heat and terror the voter's sword hanging over them.They have started acknowledging it, at least.

Mr.EX. army chief, with due respect, expressed what he found worth suggesting based on his real life experiences,whether it was feasible politically both at national and international levels but can be seen to be complimentary to the diplomatic strategies,especially when nuclear deterrence is there for both the sides.

My purpose here is to focus on Mr. Human Rights Contractor. No body denies the human welfare and justice. But important point here is that justice warrants discrimination between humans and sub-humans.The very act of this discrimination is so porous and ill founded that, it itself becomes source of further injustice.

Questions raised by participants, questioning the very grounds on which these human rights contractors have been creating noises or keeping silent could not be answered properly and to say more appropriately, correctly.We can forgive them on the ground that all what they do is part of their business, possibly for fame and living,but we can not,and must not, forgive the articles they trade in.Lives for lives is not a justice, injustice for the sake of and in the name of justice,is not a justice.

Need is to recognise and hold firmly on the act of this very discrimination in which most of us fail miserably, due to our self interests and our patterns of belief.
The poor human rights contractor too is one of us in a business which is not easy to run without deceiving any one.
Who then can do it?
Only we, of course.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

People for People

In an attempt to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the National Human Right Commission (NHRC) is organising a Human Rights Race in New Delhi on Sunday is the headline on National Portal of India today.
Ever since I made myself committed to the social cause, and it not less than eighteen years now,I have rarely seen a true belief in the eyes of the peole for Human Rights people.
In most of the sitations human rights commission(or its representatives?) appear to be a substitute for the Minority Rights Commission.They practically keep silent insituations representing otherwise. Further, they keep their eyes and ears closed on many issues of paramount justice, for which they have well established wings. Children's Rights are the example. Since children cannot raise their own vioce and are dependent on elders, elders in turn, are interested in playing politics for their own but in the name of children. My first two blogs below,posted some two years back, raise certain questions which remained unattended despite its wider circulation. A Natural Justice has been overlooked.
I came to social service on Will of my Conscience and not with a disguised motive for profit.
And I still insist people who come to me for guidance to run and manage an NGO to do some thing else if profit is their REAL motive. This is in fact the main reason behing inherent corruption on the non government sector. One does not need appoint a highly skilled spy to investigate the corrupt practices in this sector.It is a common knowlegde, one has just to ask any one who has some exposure of sanctioning or getting and administering a project.
Both sides incubate the process for mutual benefits. I could remember what Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi said on the effects of public expenditure in his speeches, "less than seventeen percent actually reaches to the target people". What he said is equally true for non government expenditures as well, but it is not my intension here to write a research report on it.What I intend is to make the ground explicit on which I decided to giveup working at that level and indulge to NGO consulting .
Rallies are demonstration but need is to reconsider the policy issues to ascertain Justice.

Friday, December 05, 2008

The Options

Well what do we want really?An end to the unending terror and loss of our people and nation's pride.
On 3rd Dec. I put on my blog,

"Tide is rising above rainbow,
But a tide is a tide, destined to subside,
Rise and fall put reason on stall,
Gain a few, to loose with all

For the first, we can not look for a help from someone outside, we have to rely only on our own.

Secondly, every one is convinced that Pakistan ISI and others are sponsoring the terror against us.Pressure has been to attack and erase the terrorist camps.

The real question is, “is it the correct target?” "Whom to attack?”

An organisation is nothing but a base for people with certain aims and objectives. Will the demolition and erasing of certain outfits based in certain areas will solve the problem? There is no dearth of poor people, sponsorors and trainers in a country where the State itself along with its Intelligence and military establishments has been involved in production of terrorists. It will soon be recreated by them with a new name , at a new place and with new crews within no time.

On the other hand any physical attack is a two edge sword, it will not be uncostly for us as well. Moreover, cost we will bear only to "subside the tide" without any lasting result. This what our politicians might resort to gain an advantage in forthcoming elections. This is what US has been doing under complacency and how much has it succeeded in its so called war against terrorism is an open question.More innocent people have been killed in this process than saved.

Can we do that?
Can we eliminate,with a view to eliminate the root cause, the Government,military and intelligence establishments of a Country who has been sponsoring the terror?

The need, therefore, is to devise a well thought upon strategy where sposorors of terrorism are hit hard enough, internally as well as internationally along with scrapping of existing outfits. We trust it is possible, provided our politicians and top civil servants involved in policy and strategy have the necessary WILL and DETERMINATION.
And they will have to have this requisite now,for their own survival, as we, the people of this largest democracy in the world have now waken up to trust in our own powers and CAPABILITY to demand the results.

A Conspiracy

People conspire,we need to be enlighted enough not to allow them succeed.

So once conspired Lord Macaulay against us:

"I have traveled across the length and breadth of India and I have not
seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have
seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such caliber,
that I do not think we would ever conquer this country unless we break
the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural
heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and
ancient educational system, her culture, for if the Indians think that
all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own,
they will lose their self-esteem, their native culture and they will
become what we want them, a truly dominated nation

Lord Macaulay's Address To The British Parliament - February 2, 1835

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tide above Rainbow

Tide is rising above rainbow,
But a tide is a tide,
destined to subside,
Rise and fall put reason on stall,
Gain a few, to loose with all,
Let reason be the wisdom,
to win the Kingdom,
The Kingdom of peace,
compassion and love.

Monday, December 01, 2008

The Fire Must Remain Alive

WE,first suppressed,bewildered, befooled and
misguided by vested interests of the Rulers and administrators,
Rules induced scarcity,scarcity induced corruption,
which made us depressed and repressed by circumstances,
for, absence of opportunities to choose from.
But monotony is not the 'Real' nature,
'Cycle' acts upon and 'ways' emerge spontaneously,
what one needs is to be cognizant to them to follow,
Miracle is taking its course,
the new gen started looking more eagerly for independence, in thought, in act, in choice, in life.
Fire has been aset by the miracle, reason, however, is warranted in choice,
but nothing to worry,
it too will emerge as supreme,
as Chakra is on move continuously,
what is needed is to keep the Fire alive.
To see the Sun Shine.