Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dear Mr. Human Rights Agent

Last night there was a TV discussion programme on the possible actions India could take on terrorism. Ruling, opposition party representatives were busy with mutual allegations and dog biting each other, there were also a retired army chief and one Mr. Human Rights contractor.Names are being ignored for the fact that all of the participants expressed very clearly the traits of their breed.

What politicians said and could say is well known to all, from the media and live telecasts of Parliamentary proceedings.They, sticking to their well decided electoral canvass have, so far been busy with various vote bank calculations, but it appears for the first time, as I already noted in my earlier blog after Mumbai attack,that people are awaken and they have started realising their rights and above that their powers of being able to whip these political creatures.More importantly,and equally truly, politicians have started feeling the heat and terror the voter's sword hanging over them.They have started acknowledging it, at least.

Mr.EX. army chief, with due respect, expressed what he found worth suggesting based on his real life experiences,whether it was feasible politically both at national and international levels but can be seen to be complimentary to the diplomatic strategies,especially when nuclear deterrence is there for both the sides.

My purpose here is to focus on Mr. Human Rights Contractor. No body denies the human welfare and justice. But important point here is that justice warrants discrimination between humans and sub-humans.The very act of this discrimination is so porous and ill founded that, it itself becomes source of further injustice.

Questions raised by participants, questioning the very grounds on which these human rights contractors have been creating noises or keeping silent could not be answered properly and to say more appropriately, correctly.We can forgive them on the ground that all what they do is part of their business, possibly for fame and living,but we can not,and must not, forgive the articles they trade in.Lives for lives is not a justice, injustice for the sake of and in the name of justice,is not a justice.

Need is to recognise and hold firmly on the act of this very discrimination in which most of us fail miserably, due to our self interests and our patterns of belief.
The poor human rights contractor too is one of us in a business which is not easy to run without deceiving any one.
Who then can do it?
Only we, of course.

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