Monday, December 01, 2008

The Fire Must Remain Alive

WE,first suppressed,bewildered, befooled and
misguided by vested interests of the Rulers and administrators,
Rules induced scarcity,scarcity induced corruption,
which made us depressed and repressed by circumstances,
for, absence of opportunities to choose from.
But monotony is not the 'Real' nature,
'Cycle' acts upon and 'ways' emerge spontaneously,
what one needs is to be cognizant to them to follow,
Miracle is taking its course,
the new gen started looking more eagerly for independence, in thought, in act, in choice, in life.
Fire has been aset by the miracle, reason, however, is warranted in choice,
but nothing to worry,
it too will emerge as supreme,
as Chakra is on move continuously,
what is needed is to keep the Fire alive.
To see the Sun Shine.

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