Friday, December 05, 2008

The Options

Well what do we want really?An end to the unending terror and loss of our people and nation's pride.
On 3rd Dec. I put on my blog,

"Tide is rising above rainbow,
But a tide is a tide, destined to subside,
Rise and fall put reason on stall,
Gain a few, to loose with all

For the first, we can not look for a help from someone outside, we have to rely only on our own.

Secondly, every one is convinced that Pakistan ISI and others are sponsoring the terror against us.Pressure has been to attack and erase the terrorist camps.

The real question is, “is it the correct target?” "Whom to attack?”

An organisation is nothing but a base for people with certain aims and objectives. Will the demolition and erasing of certain outfits based in certain areas will solve the problem? There is no dearth of poor people, sponsorors and trainers in a country where the State itself along with its Intelligence and military establishments has been involved in production of terrorists. It will soon be recreated by them with a new name , at a new place and with new crews within no time.

On the other hand any physical attack is a two edge sword, it will not be uncostly for us as well. Moreover, cost we will bear only to "subside the tide" without any lasting result. This what our politicians might resort to gain an advantage in forthcoming elections. This is what US has been doing under complacency and how much has it succeeded in its so called war against terrorism is an open question.More innocent people have been killed in this process than saved.

Can we do that?
Can we eliminate,with a view to eliminate the root cause, the Government,military and intelligence establishments of a Country who has been sponsoring the terror?

The need, therefore, is to devise a well thought upon strategy where sposorors of terrorism are hit hard enough, internally as well as internationally along with scrapping of existing outfits. We trust it is possible, provided our politicians and top civil servants involved in policy and strategy have the necessary WILL and DETERMINATION.
And they will have to have this requisite now,for their own survival, as we, the people of this largest democracy in the world have now waken up to trust in our own powers and CAPABILITY to demand the results.

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