Sunday, December 07, 2008

People for People

In an attempt to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the National Human Right Commission (NHRC) is organising a Human Rights Race in New Delhi on Sunday is the headline on National Portal of India today.
Ever since I made myself committed to the social cause, and it not less than eighteen years now,I have rarely seen a true belief in the eyes of the peole for Human Rights people.
In most of the sitations human rights commission(or its representatives?) appear to be a substitute for the Minority Rights Commission.They practically keep silent insituations representing otherwise. Further, they keep their eyes and ears closed on many issues of paramount justice, for which they have well established wings. Children's Rights are the example. Since children cannot raise their own vioce and are dependent on elders, elders in turn, are interested in playing politics for their own but in the name of children. My first two blogs below,posted some two years back, raise certain questions which remained unattended despite its wider circulation. A Natural Justice has been overlooked.
I came to social service on Will of my Conscience and not with a disguised motive for profit.
And I still insist people who come to me for guidance to run and manage an NGO to do some thing else if profit is their REAL motive. This is in fact the main reason behing inherent corruption on the non government sector. One does not need appoint a highly skilled spy to investigate the corrupt practices in this sector.It is a common knowlegde, one has just to ask any one who has some exposure of sanctioning or getting and administering a project.
Both sides incubate the process for mutual benefits. I could remember what Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi said on the effects of public expenditure in his speeches, "less than seventeen percent actually reaches to the target people". What he said is equally true for non government expenditures as well, but it is not my intension here to write a research report on it.What I intend is to make the ground explicit on which I decided to giveup working at that level and indulge to NGO consulting .
Rallies are demonstration but need is to reconsider the policy issues to ascertain Justice.

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