Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dubious science plus bad diplomacy equals problems

An article, referring to a BBC report,, remarked ,"This is not helpful. Dubious science plus bad diplomacy equals problems, in the region of the world where we least need more."
For let us consider the second thing first," Dubious science plus bad diplomacy equals problems."Correct. Even when taken in isolation, dubious science may cause problem, and it does so.But we must remember that every research has its time.It may be relevant or irrelevant at one particular time but not on the other.It is the general nature of usability.Now,"in the region of the world where we least need more."Well, in an increasingly networked and globally interdependent existence and events, it is unwise to say,as above,which region one needs most, it may appear to be irrelevant at one point of time but within no time it may become critically important.Again it depends on the rapidly changing global strategies and sheer unpredictability of human behaviour which rule various power centers.So vision la prevision rules the decision.Thirdly,on "This is not helpful".In a state of rapidly changing power center behaviours and existence of international threats by terror which is getting more and more complex with advanced technologies,a combination of the so called dubious science and dubious strategy can well be resorted if the end appears even a little better.Of course, resorting to any such move will certainly influence the existing power nodes and induce further changes in their behaviours, but whosoever it may be, after all,every thing, every strategy is now a deterrent only and for all the parties.But belong all science, technologies and businesses,costs,monetary or strategic, protection of innocent people is of paramount importance.So, deterrence will counter deterrence but people will have better protection.This makes the exercises worth doing.drssd

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