Saturday, January 24, 2009

Through the Glasses

Much controversy is in the air relating to the presentation of Indian culture and society to international community through a recent movie, Slum dog Millionaire.The biased presentation, as it appears to be, and expressed by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan also,to quote from 'Sound Bites' of Sunday Pioneer,
"They (Academy Awards) are great in their place and we are so in our place.
It is not that the Oscars are the ultimate recognition."
but somehow,story continues. Whether a representation is correct or wrong depends on the glasses the presenter and the observer wear. Films like Awara or Sri 420, which placed Mr. Raj Kapoor in the hearts of Russians, represented the India as it was then, poor but with smiles on lips and faces glowing with innocence and a lot of hope and zeal for the future but simultaneously, black marketing and immoral acts also. Films and literature is the mirror of the society. The question is how honestly the creator does the justice to his or her creation. I do remember, when madam Arundhati won the Booker, some critique raised the similar points that she had misinterpreted and misrepresented the Indian society and culture. Fortunately, we are better informed now so we are with better ability to judge the mischief played under various vested interests. And we must be. Such actions and reactions go on side by side. I think the greatest learning one may have in cultivation of one’s own personality, is to develop the ability to “see” without any bias.
In my last note to your post on Secularism, I tried to raise the issue to develop this capability in the people of our country. We know it is not so easy because biased interpretation, or say pseudo-secularism, is more infectious than unbiased vision since the former involves sufficient incentives to attract people.
Nothing can have one side only.
If certain biases are apparent there are other things which go beyond the representation of the society, it is the music, the lyrics and other dimensions as well. If one aspect has hurt by misrepresentation, the other aspects have boosted our self esteem and self confidence.But we know it very well that pinches of one's acts are sure to reflect somewhere else in time and space.

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Yadab said...

In my opinion; There is need for understanding Indian history in a true and Analytical sense. This is really tough for an uneducated citizenry that India has. The 300-400 years of slavery ruined our blood. It will take time, but lets hope that time should not be too long.