Thursday, November 26, 2009

Should a New Born be Punished for Ancestor's Mistakes

I called new born, a pure one in thoughts, free from all the worldly conceptualisations so from prejudices and innocent. As soon as this existence takes independent breath on this earth, becomes an independent citizen of world civilisation besides its local identification.
It is for this innocent individual, is it justified for the governments and societies to punish this innocent being by depriving from many of his/her fundamental rights and legitimise it on the grounds of its civil and constitutional laws, solely because this creature of nature has taken birth within the geopolitical boundary it is belonging to?

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By Mr Subrahmanian Swamy via Titter:

Swamy39 @drssdutt @Swamy39 : No but the progeny should acknowledge and regret past misdeeds.31 minutes ago from UberTwitter in reply to drssdutt