Saturday, December 19, 2009

“You give me and I give you", O'Earth, O''Country Heads

The Vedic prayer invokes divine intervention to bless and protect the environment.
"Do not harm the environment;
do not harm the water and the flora;
earth is my mother, I am her son; …
Tranquility be to the atmosphere,
to the earth,
to the waters,
to the crops and vegetation."
"Whatever I dig from thee,
O Earth,
may that have quick recovery again.
O purifier,
may we not injure thy vitals or thy heart".

The Seers of Rig Veda speak on behalf of earth for its Principle of Replenishment,
"You give me and I give you".

But we forgot it in our over enthusiasm and have evidently lost much. There is not an easy solution now to work well for everyone, but there are solutions that do work. Political economy cannot, of course, be ignored, for it too concerns generations, present and future, but, it is never late and never less, Happy note is that ball is set to roll. We need to open our minds about the power of common efforts can give us a way to purify our common home, the Earth.

President Barack Obama today said the US has reached a "meaningful" deal to curb greenhouse gas emissions with four emerging economies, including India, but warned it was not enough to battle climate change.

"It is going to be very hard, and it's going to take some time (to achieve a legally binding deal)," he said at the conclusion of the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. "We have come a long way, but we have much further to go." The deal reached by the US, India, China, South Africa and Brazil includes a method for verifying reductions of heat-trapping gases, a senior Obama administration official said………Obama was quoted as saying by foreign agencies that there is a "fundamental deadlock in perspectives" between big, industrially developed countries like the United States and poorer, though sometimes large, developing nations…………Meanwhile, officials said a deal has been reached by a small group of 25 countries, including India. "I think we need to see how the text is received by the broader group of countries. It is great that a small group of leaders got together and tried to advance the process but ultimately the way things work here it has to acceptable to everyone," UN Climate Chief Yvo de Boer said……….."I think we should have achieved more but this is an enough of a rucksack full of goods that can help us to a new stage," de Boer said.

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