Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pointers to Life

Chief obstacles to our mutual understanding :an almost mystical faith in the superiority of this or that race and the historic missions of nations.

World history shows we have been solemnizing our desires and organizing hatreds by propounding the theory of the predestination of races.

The pernicious doctrine of fundamental racial differences and national missions have been preventing the development of a true human community.

Science, however, supports the very different view that the fundamental structure of living beings and human mind is uniform in all races.

Varied cultures are but dialects of a single speech of the cosmos,the differences are due to accents, historical circumstances, and stages of development.

The story of man's gradual rise and progress can not be without its interest to all those who have faith in the solidarity of human being.

The inspiring ideas are always larger than the historical forms which embody them.

Science has put human isolation to an end making  realization of the dream of ages possible, the building of a great society on earth and nations.

Universe exists in order that we may apprehend ourselves, and attain our full selfhood.

Goal of life has to be reached through progressive training, gradual enlarging of the natural life along with uplifting of all its motives.

Life is much too complex for an ideal simplicity.

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