Friday, January 29, 2010


 By Billy Cox

Recently, I shared with you the importance of “HOPE.” From time to time, we all need a dose of feel good from within and I don’t mean from a pill, potion, or lotion. We have got to reach-in before we can reach-out and all “HOPE” comes from what’s inside of us.

The following seven steps will help you build “HOPE” and a solid foundation for a spectacular life:

1) Goals – Many people have lost hope because they’ve lost their dream. As a result, they lose focus on the targets to shoot for in life. The lack of clarity breeds a lack of hope. On the other hand, when you have clearly written and defined goals you will gain power in the present because you will know the targets to laser in on that will brighten your future.

2) Attitude – Our attitude is our choice. We can’t always control what happens to us but we can control how we act or react. We can choose to read good positive books and listen to inspiring audio programs or we can choose to turn on the negative news and listen to those who say it can’t be done. Whatever you feed into your mind you will project into your outer world. People with a positive attitude have a positive expectancy, which means they have hope.

3) Responsibility – People with hope accept full responsibility for where they are in life and where they are going. To gain hope, you have to become a no excuses person. When you discover that you are in charge of your own success you will realize that you can change your future and increase your level of hope.

4) Words – The words you speak to yourself out loud and in your mind will determine your future outlook. What you tell yourself eventually becomes reality. People with hope stay positive by continually telling themselves “I am healthy, I’m wealthy, I feel good, I feel great, my time has come and I will not be denied.” Tell yourself, “I am born to win, today is my day, no excuses and the world is at my fingertips.” If you repeat these phrases consistently, you will develop hope in the future.

5) Action – People with hope take action daily. No one feels up all the time. However, people with hope discipline themselves to take certain actions everyday. Action creates the desire to move you in a direction that makes you feel good. Action promotes hope.

6) Faith – Faith is the belief or feeling of certainty that something good is going to happen. Hope and faith are related to each other. Faith increases your trust in a higher power and says, “God’s not finished with me yet and my best days are in front of me.” People with hope have the attitude that “It’s all good.”

7) Growth – There’s a basic rule in life that says we are either growing or we are dying. This rule applies to grass, trees, homes, marriages, life, and hope. People with hope understand that life is a journey not a destination. They also know that, “How they handle the journey will determine their destination.” People with hope are proactive and they take on the day like there’s no tomorrow.

I “HOPE” that I have lit a fire inside of you and ignited your passion so you will fulfill your dreams. I believe your best days are in front of you and your greatest accomplishments lie ahead. Here’s the bottom line: You can’t have power in the present without having hope in the future. If you have lost hope it is because you are not growing. You have to believe that the past does not determine the future.

Combing the seven steps I describe above with belief and commitment will show you the way. If you develop the belief that everything happens for a greater good, you will propel yourself toward the person you are destined to become. You have to believe that failure is only a temporary setback as long as you are learning and growing as you go.

Everyday you need to ask yourself one of two questions, “What’s right in my world?” Or, “What’s wrong in my world?” You will find an answer for both questions. However, people with hope only choose to ask the question, “What’s right in my world?” and they always find answers that give them hope.

As you move forward, I challenge you to be bold and strong. Let the past go and believe that your time has come. It’s a new decade and you can rediscover the dreams you have buried deep down in your heart only if you will start believing. Believe that you have broken the chains of the past and replace them with building blocks for a brighter future.

Decide today that your life is filled with hope and victory. Decide right now that you will accomplish every dream in your heart. Overcome life’s challenges by letting hope shine.

Finally, remember…”It is what you do every day that makes you who you will be some day.”

Billy Cox

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