Friday, February 26, 2010


M.F. Husain, India’s greatest and most celebrated artist, has been conferred Qatar nationality - something that is very rarely given.
The incidence of Mr. M.F.Husain is really sad for any Indian.
This raises fundamental question on the levels and nature of freedom we have, expect,intend,enjoy and practice. We must not forget that we live in a society which has evolved through thousands of years and survived many severe disturbances. The inherent values our society has become stabilized upon, dictate certain decorum,which whenever violated by any one, or any faction leaves its mark on the whole system.

Mr.M.F.Hussain, after being in India for more than nine decades had to leave it because a few short sighted self interest groups aiming to gain advantage by promoting factionalism They have certainly committed mistake.We can not say they are here in India only, but they are virtually every where throughout the world. Some time they come up individually, some time as Institutions trying to downgrade the rival institutions, covertly or overtly to gain further power and authority in the society.History has enough records to cite how certain ideological and religious institutions declared their synonymity with the State.

The fundamental question here is, do these people, or institutions have freedom to do all such acts in the society? If yes,as in case referred above to, then there is no need to waste time on this topic but if answer is NO, then it raises the question, what the Law has done to correct it and moreover, why have the executive been impotent in controlling it?

Secondly, on the individual level, does a creative person, being an artist or author or filmmaker or of any genre have the freedom to express or exhibit completely and without giving any due consideration to those stabilized values which are deeply rooted in the society he lives?

Difference between inherently stabilized perennial values and traditions have to be understood before reaching any conclusion.Inherently stabilized perennial values are those based on humanity and human being's faith engrossed with spirituality,which have been prevailing continuously, unhindered by any external forces, as undercurrent in the society. In India, we have it as our way of life. I mean the perennial values.

Temporal traditions are and might have been the repercussions of many intermediary events which took place, they have shorter life and change rapidly as we are experiencing in our day to day lives.

To return to the point, we have to judge if there has been any misuse of freedom of expression, creative people claim as enjoying, which touched negatively the inherent stabilized values?
There must be a line, both for the Law and the freedom since both exist within the Society.Any trespassing from any side is bound to attract penalties.

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