Thursday, February 10, 2011

On Sagarika Ghose's "Still old at heart"

Sagarika Ghose's "Still old at heart" :
The Hindustan Times-CNN-IBN Youth Survey, studying urban 18-25 year olds,
There is an interesting comment on it by A S Raghunath...

My observation is that:
Statistical analysis and predictions based on it... especially by self-proclaimed "ist"personalities...e.g., so called liberal or conservative or progressive or leftist or...or, remains no more than a projection of their own opinion ornamented by"fool's" data. Statistical analysis, in its very principle as well as in its presumptions, takes for granted the "unbiased" and "value free" data interpretation.
So far as Sagarika Ghosh's views are concerned... Only this can be said the India or its culture or its senior or young people are not a dressing room commodities. They are vibrant, they are energetic, they are promising... what they really need to come up with full of their potential is to not to be misguided by pseudo-intellectuals like these.

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