Sunday, June 12, 2011

How the Other Half Dies

My dear Brothers if we loose focus & get deviated from the issues raised by Baba & Anna then we are heading towards Total Disaster. If we do not support them then no one will come forward to lead us from forefront. The issues raised by them are directly related to all of us as common man finding it very difficult to make a living. They have taken up a Common Cause on behalf of us in the Crusade Against Corruption & To Bring Back Black Money, as A Social Movement for Peoples' Agitation. Their struggle is to Bring Reforms in the System, Not Against any party or individuals or for that matter neither against the Govt.

Look at the amount of Rampant Corruption prevailing in our country. Rs 3,73,000 CRORES, OFFICIALLY KNOWN SO FAR, looted in just 4 years. If we had a STRONG LOK PAL BILL, this amount would not have been looted by these politicians & the prices of daily needs would not have been so high. Are you all not aware of the amount of Rs 1,50,000 CRORES of black money lying in Swiss Banks. On the one hand farmers are committing suicides, people are languishing in poverty, many do not get even drinking water, clothes to wear & living or roads without a roof over their head. On the other hand these politicians are making merry looting our public assets.

Unfortunately till 2005, the swiss banks Bound By Secrecy until then, were not permitted to part with information or the Black Money deposited in their bank. BUT, from 2006 onwards, Due To Changes in Legislation made by the Swiss Govt, under Pressure From United Nations Organisation to Declare Accounts, SEVERAL COUNTRIES, U.S.A, U. K & small nations like PHILLIPINES Have Successfully BROUGHT BACK MONEY to Their Respective Countries. So, now it is possible to bring back Black Money of Rs 1,50,000 CRORES back to India. This amount can be utilized to Write Off the Debts of farmers committing suicides, convert barren land in to cultivable land, provide irrigation to dry lands. increase food production to bring down the prices & increase exports of agricultural products, build schools, hospitals, roads, bridges & infrastructure, provide cheap power / moder education & above all generate Millions of Jobs to our unemployed youth.

The politicians do not intend to bring the Lok Pal Bill & Black Money for Development Projects. The political parties are blaming one another & Baba Ramdev / Anna Hazare are branded as Agents of Communal Forces to fool us because the Vested Interests do not want us to support the Social Movement for the Mass Agitations to be successful. NOT GETTING CYNICAL about Baba Ramdev & Anna Hazare’s agitation, LET US ALL FOCUS OUR ENERGY FOR THE NOBLE CAUSE & SUPPORFT THE MOVEMENT TO HELP OURSELVES TO MAKE OUR LIFE BETTER & A PROSPEROUS FUTURE FOR YOUR CHILDREN.

Courtesy: Comment by Dr. Aslam Baig to

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