Friday, October 12, 2012

A Beautiful Story in Panchatantra

Panchtantra is one of the mankind's oldest book of stories,written in probably,3rd Century BC,to educate three half witted Princes in the art of Statecraft,introduces to West via a Persian translation in AD 570,
In a huge well lived two of frogs always fighting for territory and resources of the well.The King of one group who was very intelligent,decided to befend a cobra and get him into the well so that it could finish off the other group.Cobra came in to the well and started eating frogs of other group one by one. King ws very happy
and felt that his aim of controlling the well and its resources was achieved.
However, soon the cobra ate all the frogs of the other group and turned his attention to the frogs of King's group.Cobra told the frog king that he needs food to survive and so is helpless.Despite the king's plea,the cobra started eating King's subjects
and family members one by one,and ultimately ate the king himself.
There has been a general tendency in people, specially in power to take help of evil and negative forces to achieve their goals,realising little that these forces have their own agenda.They destroy everything in their wake including their creator, sponsor and can not be controlled once unleashed.

It is therefore, best to keep them away.

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