Sunday, July 07, 2013

After the Terror Attack on Mahabodhi Temple BodhGaya India

When you act on IB inputs, you eliminate INNOCENT Terrorists, when you don't, Secular Blasts take place, like Mahabodhi temple in BodhGaya. So much for "Bihar ki beti" rhetoric by politicians in JDU ?

1) IB gave inputs to Bihar govt 6 months ago about possible terror attack on Mahabodhi temple. Repeated warning 3 months ago (

2) Delhi Police press note claimed IM is planning attack in Bodhgaya in retaliation of alleged atrocities in Myanmar ( download link: )

3) Cover-up of Mahabodhi bombings begins. Congress deploys NIA!
Nitish & others walking around the temple could be trampling on critical evidence while forensic experts are kept waiting outside by cops.

4) “You can be full of kindness and love, but you cannot sleep next to a mad dog,” ---Buddhists on Muslims living in Myanmar. These muslims from Myanmar are now resettling in Hyderabad, India

5) Mainstream media has started full scale campaign to hint at "Saffron terror". (

6) Congi politicians are already calling it saffron terror. here is a good article on how they are betraying this nation :

Our nation is under assault. We must unite or we will be wiped off this earth and no one will even notice our demise

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