Saturday, August 17, 2013

The War Of Propaganda

 THE WAR OF PROPAGANDA: The war is already there in place".
The war in propaganda".. daily we read many articles, from India and abroad...often they give incorrect facts,but completely misleading propaganda, The Sikh's systematic massacre of 1984 is given name of Riot,.. there seem complete memory loss as no Riot come to the mind of propagandists, other than 2002,... economy totally forgotten long back, nose diving Rupee and Sen-sex is no more sexy,... a leader sidelines her Son in Law as private businessman and PMO hides his SCAM information as "Classified" and confidential, officer is supported for acting "legally" but the other suppressed but silently... Leader are old enough unable to look to borders, eye sight problem....completely unable to identify dead soldiers, army and terrorists, completely unable to recall what they said in the morning and change the statement in the evening, unable to identify who is with the terrorists, some of the leaders have lost their sense of judgement even family relationships...... call a companion of Terrorists as "daughter of Bihar" but forget to explain why they handed over their daughter to terrorists to live with without marriage....what we see to totally mad propaganda which is so unprofessional, as it comes as propaganda at first sight...that is why the keep reshuffling their mouthpieces and paid media anchors, ..but nothing to worry , only caution is needed so that we are not carried away by propaganda and start believing it as truth and become puppet of these propagandists....

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