Wednesday, September 17, 2014


The night of 16th September 1948, the city of Hyderabad changed a great deal. The shouting, rampaging crowds of Razakars melted away magically and the long oppressed citizens emerged from their cocoons.
On the orders of Sardar Patel, Operation Polo was launched on 13th Sept 1948, and the Indian Army, led by Major General J. N. Chaudhuri, entered the state of Hyderabad from five directions. The Hyderabad army simply fled andon 16th September 1948, the Nizam announced the surrender.
On 17th September 1948, people came out in thousands, waving the Indian tricolour. Suddenly, where there was fear and restraint, now there was life and laughter. But there was an important job to be done: the Surrender. The ceremony (as seen in the picture) was fixed at 4 pm at Parade Grounds, Secunderabad.
Maj Gen Chaudhari (seen in the left with a baton tucked under his arm) accepted the surrender from General Edroos (on the right), an arab, who led the Hyderabad Army at Parade Grounds, Secunderabad on 17th September 1948.
He spoke gravely to General Edroos: “I have been ordered by Lt. General Maharaj Rajendresinhji, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Command, Indian Army to take the surrender of your army”.
“You have it”.replied General Edroos
“You understand that this surrender is unconditional”. emphasised Major General J. N. Chaudhuri
“Yes, I understand”. replied General Edroos.
General Chaudhari then shook hands with General Edroos and offered a cigarette to him. That was it, and Hyderabad became a part of the Indian Union.
It is a shame that the TRS govt which demanded an official celebration just a year ago has capitulated to the demands from MIM party and refused to do so.
Infact it was the founder of MIM, Qazim Rizvi who led a brutal army of Razakars that killed hundreds of Hindus and raped their womenfolk. It took the iron will of Sardar Patel to order the Indian army to capture Hyderabad and stop the killings. Before fleeing to Pakistan, Rizvi, handed over the reigns of MIM to Abdul Wahid Owaisi, grandfather of the present party supremo Asaduddin Owaisi. Now you know why the Owaisi family do not hoist the Indian flag nor participate in local Hindu festivals.
(Content was partly taken from a blog written by Ajit Vadakayil)

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