Monday, March 28, 2016

Defense, Strategy & The Battle For Sanskrit of Rajiv Malhotra

by Sati Shankar

Let me begin with a news,
"The Government has decided to form a new Notional Defense council which will oversee all the three wings, army, air and navy and to make most effective decision on the quality, procurement and placement of strategic weapons in the country. The Government  has decided to take benefit of experience of certain senior members from the Intelligence services of  our hostile countries, who will be on board on deputation from their respective Governments fully empowered. In doing so the Government hopes that this will make the nation perfectly secured hereafter."

After reading it I was shocked. I tried to raise my voice how can representatives from other inimical countries be on Board and security and defense strategy  of the country will be totally compromised thereby making it suicidal.

I ran from door to door, I called for help from prominent countrymen and groups to support and help save the country from this suicidal act.

The response I got was," you must not worry much on such matters, it seems you are ignorant of the history of your own country you see, we have been having foreigners as rulers here earlier also, our country has been ruined and destroyed ruthlessly several times,  and see, we are still taking breath and happy in our villages and mohullas.

Also we must not get troubled with things like national freedom and national defense etc, all these geographies, geopolitical boundaries, and whatever is contained therein are all just phenomenal, (bhautic) we must look and endeavor for transcendental freedom (adhyatmic) where there is no dukha of any type.

Then I ran to our defense experts so I can gather professional criticism of what the govt is doing for national defense, and to my surprise, I got bombarded there also with questions, what expertise did I have to be qualified enough to identify the issue and raise my voice, did I know anything about defense strategies, arms and battle tactic? 
You know, I was given a list of famous defense experts and was asked if I had ever heard their names. I confessed , no, I am a common man want to save my country and its heritage, 
I just have what rudimentary military training is given to NCC cadets. I was hooted and declared disqualified for the campaign itself and thrown out.

I ask my learned friends here, Is there any solution for such solution?

Every idea, every instrument has its proper place and condition to be applicable. Sword and needle cannot be substitutes. Prescribing or taking wrong medicine may be as fatal and as foolish as to start writing a poem when one fails to defuse an active time bomb. We don't open preaching in the battle field.

Our history is full slaughters and genocides and psycho-socio-cultural  wreckage as instances.

Is our country so empty of capability and pride that it has no alternative other than keeping hostile decision makers on its Board of national defense council?

I hope, I have been careful enough so my post has not hurt anybody here and is well within Group Manager's brackets so far.

Now, my one line question is,  "are we totally dead to defend our own heritage and protect it from enemies of the tradition well equipped with the modern weaponry?"

I think the same is the question which has been raised by Mr Rajiv Malhotra, in his "The Battle for Sanskrit" which I term "The Battle for Sanskriti" for better,to assimilate even those who do not feel as belonging to Sanskrit but believe and wish to preserve Indian Heritage and dharma.

अक्लमंद को इशारा काफ़ी होता है
Note: News above is fictitious and for illustration as analogy to the situation in question. note what is written in devnagari to not to be misguided

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